“Fishing – cross-border tourist opportunity / product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources”

  • promoting cross-border recreational fishing as a tourist attraction, ensuring an important impact on Danube tourism;
  • promoting tangible and intangible cultural heritage and natural resources;
  • to stimulate the local economic development in the target areas in Romania and Bulgaria by carrying out the project activities related to tourism and related services.

Touristic package 1 - 7 days

Lake Lazar, Alexandria, Turnu Măgurele, Nikopol, Alexander Stamboliiski dam, Veliko Târnovo and Yovkovtsi dam

Touristic package 2 - 7 days

Comana, Giurgiu, Park Lipnik, Nikolovo, Rousse, Ivanovo and Shtraklevo

Touristic package 3 - 3 days​

Lupsanu, Călărași Lake, Călărași, Silistra, Antimovo dam and Tutrakan