“Fishing – cross-border tourist opportunity / product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources”

Purpose of the project:

  • promoting cross-border recreational fishing as a tourist attraction, ensuring an important impact on Danube tourism;
  • promoting tangible and intangible cultural heritage and natural resources;
  • to stimulate the local economic development in the target areas in Romania and Bulgaria by carrying out the project activities related to tourism and related services.

 Project Budget:

The project benefits from a total budget of 498,151.73 EU co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund.

Project implementation:

The project brings together four partners:

1.The “Natura Vie” Foundation Calarasi, as project leader,

2.The Association “It Can” in Rosiori de Vede, Teleorman County,

3.Association “Tourism Fishing Club” from Silistra, Bulgaria,

4.”Dobrogeana Danube” Association for Cross-border Cooperation and Development from Silistra, Bulgaria.


The beneficiaries of this project are represented by the target groups: travel agencies, tour operators, accommodation and public catering establishments, transportation companies, cultural and artistic objectives (museums, theaters) as well as fishermen associations, native population and last but not least – tourists (final beneficiaries).


  Duration of project implementation: 15.09.2018- 14.03.2020


Location of project implementation:

The activities carried out within the project are addressed to the cross-border target areas of Romania – Calarasi, Giurgiu, Teleorman and Bulgaria-Ruse, Silistra and Veliko Tarnovo.

Project implementation:

Main activities:

1.Elaboration of a joint Romanian-Bulgarian study on recreational fishing tourism based on the inventory of fishing areas, including fish species, inventory of existing accommodation units and public catering and road accessibility.

2.Identification and realization of 3 joint packages of recreational fishing, FISHNAT brand, based on the joint study and consultation of the local stakeholders in the target areas.

3.Creation and dissemination of informative materials on the protection and preservation of the environment during fishing; production and distribution of promotional materials for the promotion of FISHNAT and FISHNAT Festival packages.

4.Monitoring the environment targeted by FISHNAT tourist packages during tourist use.

5.Elaboration of the common market strategy for recreational fishing packages FISHNAT.

6.Informative meetings with tour operators, fishermen associations and other stakeholders in order to promote the 3 tourist packages.

7.Organization of workshops for the joint development of entrepreneurship for the local population in the areas concerned with recreational tourism (opportunities for accommodation, eating places, camping sites, travel and entertainment).

8.Organization of FISHNAT Festival – an event considered as a touristic package for 3 days, with an estimated 3000 participants, which will bring together tourist package presentations, organizing stands with fishing equipment, handicrafts with local specifics, traditions specific culinary areas.

Open-air exhibitions and artistic programs with amateur and professional artists will be organized.

Expected results :

  • increasing the number of tourists in the areas concerned;
  • the development of entrepreneurship for the local population in recreational fisheries;

the economic development of the cross-border area targeted by the creation of new jobs and the reduction of unemployment that will take into account the preservation of natural and cultural

The general objective of the project was to increase the cooperation in the field of environmental protection in the Calarasi-Silistra area and, among the specific objectives we mention:

raising awareness on environmental protection, reducing pollution and wasting natural resources;
information and training in environmental protection, through innovative and environmentally friendly solutions and technologies for business development.
In 2015, the Foundation organized professional training courses authorized within the POSDRU project: “Development of professional skills for the reintegration and orientation of the unemployed in the regions of Bucharest-Ilfov and South-Muntenia on the labor market”, in partnership with AJOFM Calarasi.

The project aims to promote SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, the general objective of the project was to facilitate access to employment and sustainable integration in a flexible and inclusive labor market of unemployed, inactive people, people looking for a job, people who have left school early. .

Also in 2015, another project funded through the 2007-2013 Fisheries Operational Program was finalized with the theme: “Increasing the attractiveness of the area by preserving, exploiting and promoting the natural heritage of the Danube Calarasi”.

The project site is the Romanian part of the Danube in the Calarasi area.

Specific objectives:

– Drawing, mapping and promoting the tourist route “Fisherman’s Way on the Calară Danube – history, fauna, fishing and hunting”;

– Carrying out three studies regarding:

the need to repopulate sturgeon and other species of fish that are no longer found in the waters of the Danube Calarasi,
study for identifying the tourist demand in the area and developing the agreement activities;
“Paulownia the reed substitute?” – study on the environment, acclimatization and biomass production (and not only) of Paulownia trees in the area of ​​the Danube Calarasi.
– Organization of a workshop with tourist themes and respectively the protection of endangered fish;

– Carrying out two information and publicity campaigns for the exploitation of natural resources in the Danube area of ​​Călăraşea, respecting the principles of sustainable development.

In 2016, two projects were started through the 2014-2020 Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Program, in partnership with the Association of the Danube Municipalities in Bulgaria, as follows:

Project code: Development and promotion of a tourism product of common natural heritage: Route “Protected natural heritage within the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area”

The main objective of the project: To increase the sustainable use of the common natural heritage within the cross-border region, through the development and promotion of an integrated tourism product in the field of natural wealth: The “Natural heritage protected on the territory of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region” route.

Target groups: representatives of natural parks and protected areas, environmentalists, the academic community, research centers, schools, media, museums, travel agents and tour operators, local and national authorities, other representatives from the tourism industry.

Carrying out a preliminary study of the objectives of natural inheritance in the cross-border region, with different management regimes.
Developing a Strategy for product development and use, as well as a Marketing Strategy for the tourism product
Design of the promotional materials required for the project
Consultations with stakeholders and expert community in round tables (4 in Romania and 4 in Bulgaria); a two-day conference (in Bulgaria and Romania).

Prior to the implementation of the project, there was no common management regarding the control over the insect population. After the completion of this project and following the formation of a sustainable and solidarity partnership between the two states, the quality of joint risk management generated by insects in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area will be improved.
Quality of joint risk management in the CBC area
In 2018, the ROBG-402 project, “Fisheries – cross-border tourism opportunity, product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources”, was initiated through the Interreg VA Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Interreg Program, a project in which our organization is a Partner Leader .

In conclusion, the members of the Foundation “NATURA VIE” Calarasi are willing to any collaboration and partnership that correspond to the experience and expertise accumulated over time.


The object of activity: The branch aims at the theoretical and practical training, the social and professional insertion of young people and adults, especially for those young people and adults belonging to the national minorities in Romania, as well as the promotion of the Olympic youth from schools, high schools and universities by organizing courses. , conferences, seminars, programs or professional internships / exchanges of experience or by organizing events that are appropriate for the purpose of the Association. The Branch also aims to protect the environment with all human and material resources available, by collecting and recycling non-hazardous waste (paper, cardboard, plastic), by planting trees, and taking into account the conservation of natural and culture in the Romanian villages. The branch aims to plan any type of cultural or sporting events, national or international, to promote sport and culture, to carry out cultural exchanges in Romania and abroad, and through these activities the Association aims to facilitate the promotion of intercultural relations between states, and the development of the destined activities. to bring to the fore the natural and cultural heritage. This will lead to various investigations in the activity of the elected Members of the European Parliament and during the exercise of their mandate to fulfill their mandate goals. The branch will collaborate with national and international organizations in the sports, cultural and social fields in order to organize events, competitions, visits and reciprocal exchanges. The branch will be involved in the CBC project and will promote the natural and cultural heritage of Teleorman County.

@ The beneficiary’s responsibility for the field approached in the project:

The applicant’s relevance to the purpose of the project is: excellent ability to organize complex events, such as camps (for young people and children), conferences and seminars with various types of participants, courses and workshops, trips and similar events – demonstrates the ability to mobilize various target groups in local, national and international context, to participate in specific activities, such as camps, environmental cleaning, sporting events, cultural events, etc. – very good knowledge of the Teleorman area and its natural potential, especially regarding the environment and fisheries – good local connections with experts, agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders in the project area.

@ The beneficiary’s previous EU financing experience:

The branch of the Association currently exists in Teleorman, no EU funded projects have been implemented.

@ The object of activity: “Tourist fishing club” is a legal entity with public non-profit. The association is established to achieve the following objectives: modernization and

developing the Silistra region, supporting and promoting its cooperation between local authorities, businesses and NGOs; development and promotion of national and European values ​​ensuring conditions for optimum activity of citizens. The activities carried out by the association support the definition and implementation of the fisheries policy at local and regional level, making proposals for solving the current problems in the field; developing and implementing projects related to environmental protection, the transfer of innovation and technology, culture and education, with the aim of supporting the regions where they are fished and promoting the cooperation between local authorities, businesses and NGOs; development and submission of projects for the target population at local and national level as well as others. The NGO is fully in compliance with Regulation (EU) no. 508/2014 of the Council EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 15 May 2014 on the European Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Fund.

@ The beneficiary’s responsibility for the field approached by the Project:

The TFC has members who are active in the fisheries sector as mere individuals and who are particularly concerned with the ecological culture. Over the last ten years, TFC has been working on developing institutional contacts between the authorities in the CBC region in the field of fisheries and others. TFC has rented a dam near Silistra for about 10 years and is developing fish farming. Currently, TFC members are the most experienced and the most experienced in the region. Beyond the TFC members and the history of actions, our organization is the best possible partner in Silistra to share the experience and skills for the project objective within the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Program. In conclusion, all the accumulated experience and TFC skills will be used for the successful implementation of the project and will especially bring other partners and target groups.


@Object of activity:

Development of cross-border and regional cooperation;

Expansion of cross-border and regional communications;

Strengthening civilian positions and community information;

Implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects.

@ The beneficiary’s responsibility for the field approached by the Project:

The ACBCD “Dobrogean Danube” initiated and participated in regional and cross-border projects starting with 2001. In 2007/2008, the Association was the main partner in carrying out two PHARE CBC Projects, aiming at business cooperation, community development and environmental protection. Two of these are investment projects: the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Organic Agriculture “Cross-border Center for Business People in the Călărași – Silistra Border Area”.

@ Previous experience of the EU funding beneficiary:

The Romania-Bulgaria cross-border program 2007-2013. Project name: Common land: improving the cohesion of cross-border rural areas through culture, handicraft (crafts) and sport.
Project exchange MIS code / reference number: 631. 2. Romania-Bulgaria cross-border project 2007-2013. Name: A cross-border region – a European destination. MIS code / reference number of the project: 643.