The acquisition of “IT equipment” (2 laptops, 2 word processing software package and 2 virus protection software packages) is carried out in the context of project implementation with the title “Fishing – cross-border tourism opportunity / product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources” , RO code BG 402, financed through the INTERREG VA Romania-Bulgaria Program.
By purchasing the “IT equipment”, the obligations arising from the financing contracts of the project, respectively the contract no. 98322 / 30.08.2018 and the contract no.98324 / 30.08.2018, concluded with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.
CPV code: 30213100-6 Laptops, 48760000-3 Virus protection software packages, 48315000-9 Software packages for computer-aided editing.
Estimated value: According to the project budget, the total value of the products to be purchased is 2860 euros excluding VAT.
To date, no such products have been purchased;
The direct purchase procedure was chosen due to the total value of the products that are to be purchased, which fall within the direct purchase threshold, in accordance with the provisions of art. 7, paragraph (5) of Law no. 98/2016, respectively 135,060 lei without VAT, thus respecting the legal provisions of the MFE Order no. 1284/2016, amended by GEO 45/2016.
For the purchase of products, the DIRECT PURCHASE was chosen, so that the following operators were identified COMPUTER BUSINESS IDEA SRL, MEDIA TEHNO CABLU SRL and PRO DISC COMPUTER SRL to which the request for offer no. 3-5 / 02.11.2018 (exit no.)
COMPUTER BUSINESS IDEA SRL, replied on 05.11.2018, having an offer of 18100 lei without VAT
MEDIA TEHNO CABLU SRL replied on 02.11.2018, having an offer of 15825.81 lei without VAT
PRO DISC COMPUTER SRL replied on 05.11.2018, having an offer of 18207 lei without VAT
Following the analysis of the submitted offers, the winner was offered the MEDIA TEHNO CABLU SRL offer, fulfilling all the minimum and mandatory requirements requested in the offer request and having the lowest price, offering a price of 15825.81 lei without VAT, according to contract 15B / 13.11.2018 .