In connection with the implementation of the activities under the project “Fisheries – cross-border opportunity / product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources”, project code ROBG-402, program Interreg VA Romania Bulgaria ”under Article 20, paragraph 4, item. 3 of the Public Procurement Act, it is necessary to submit a tender in accordance with the requirements of the Contracting Authority for a public procurement with the subject: “Equipment – two pieces of software Office package and anti-virus program”.
Maximum price: BGN 1947.97 incl. VAT
Delivery of equipment: CPV 48761000-0; 48310000-4; two office suite packages and an anti-virus program counter

Each candidate is allowed to submit only one offer, subject to the requirements of this notice.
The offer must include the applicant’s name, UIC, contact details, signature and seal of the representative or his authorized representative.
Bids are submitted in one of the following ways: by email or at the office of the Association.
10/01/2019 .

After the analysis of the received offers, the ATGSR Association Danube Dobrudja selected according to the criterion for the lowest price for the service provider company STA Ltd and concluded contract number 2 / 26.01.2019.