The acquisition of consulting services in public procurement is carried out in the context of the implementation of the project entitled “Fisheries – cross-border tourist opportunity / product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources”, RO code BG 402, financed by the INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Program.

By purchasing this type of service, it is ensured that the obligations arising from the financing contracts of the project, respectively the contract no. 98322 / 30.08.2018 and the contract no.98324 / 30.08.2018, concluded between the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and the “Natura Vie” Foundation Calarasi.

CPV code and its name – 79418000-7- Public procurement consultancy services for all public procurement that the “Natura Vie” Calarasi foundation is to carry out within the RO BG – 402 project.

Purchase value – 3500 euros + VAT = 4165 euros.

Consultancy services in public procurement refer to:

Purchase name                   Unit of measure          Number of      PU units (euro) excluding VAT      without VAT    Total value (euro) VAT included

Public procurement            hour                                   100                                          35                                    3500                                4165

To date, no procurement procedures have been organized for services, in accordance with the legal regulations regarding public procurement, Law 98/2016.

The DIRECT PURCHASE procedure was chosen due to the total value of the services that are to be purchased, value below the threshold of 135,060 lei excluding VAT, the legal provisions of the MFE Order no. 1284/2016 and the provisions of the GEO. no. 45/2018.

Please send us your offer by 25.09.2018 by fax, e-mail or directly to the Foundation office.

The award criterion will be the lowest price.

Further information can be obtained at tel. 0723.513.998

================================================== ================================================== ================================

The Foundation “Natura Vie” Calarasi, as beneficiary of the financing, following the analysis of the submitted offers, purchased the service of “consultancy in public procurement” necessary in order to carry out and fulfill the obligations arising from the Financing Contracts no. 98322 / 30.08.2018 and no.98324 / 30.08.2018 concluded between the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and the “Natura Vie” Foundation Calarasi, as follows:

The work will be elaborated by SC IDEAL CONSULTING AND SALES SRL – D Calarasi, based on the contract no. 82.1 / 27.09.2018 having the value of 3,500 euros excluding VAT.

The award criterion was the lowest price.