Informative meeting Calarasi

The event took place in Calarasi on 28-30.08.2019 within the Queen Complex, being ensured all the elements necessary for the unfolding in good conditions (the event room, the technical presentation of the materials). There were presented 6 proposals of tourist routes to be part of the FISHNAT brand tour packages, being approved and chosen 3 (Sil-Ca, Gi-Ru, Te-Tar).

In order to create the tourist packages the FISHNAT brand has been developed a common study that contains the database on accommodation, food services, cultural-artistic objectives, access routes to the areas included in the packages.

During the meeting were presented: the material on the “Advantages of promoting the FISHNAT brand tour packages”, the films with the 3 tour packages, the FISHNAT tour brochures, the environmental protection brochure, the implementation methodologies for each package.

All these listed are the basis of the creation of the tourist offers by the tour operators that will be offered further to the final beneficiaries.

Representatives from the tour operators and fishermen’s associations (15 from Romania and 10 from Bulgaria) participated in the informative meeting.