Silistra consultative meeting

To begin with, PP4, the partner responsible for organizing the meeting briefly presented the objectives of the project “Fishing – cross-border tourism opportunity / product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources” related to the creation and promotion of 3 packages, FISHNAT brand.

The project manager, LP took the floor further, specifying the main steps taken in fulfilling the proposed purpose of developing local tourism in the cross-border area by providing facilities for tourists passionate about fishing and creating new businesses for the local population through which accommodation services are offered , transportation, food and entertainment.

Next, the representative of Cult Market Research presented the joint study, and within it, 6 proposals of common tourist routes to the 3 counties in Romania – Calarasi, Teleorman, Giurgiu- and 3 regions in Bulgaria – Ruse, Silistra, Veliko Tarnovo.

There were discussions on the topic of these routes, finally being agreed and voted 3 routes for 3 tour packages:

  1. Zimnicea, Lake Suhaia, Turnu Magurele, A. Stamboliiski dam, Veliko Tarnovo and Yovkovtsi pond.
  2. Comana, Giurgiu, Ruse, Straklevo and Lipnik Park.
  3. Calarasi, Calarasi, Silistra, Antimovo and Tutrakan dam.


For 2 of these, modifications were proposed as follows: the route Iezerul Călărași, Călărași, Silistra, the Antimovo dam and Tutrakan will also include the Lupșanu pond in Călărași county, which has all the facilities related to a recreational fishery.

The participants held discussions on providing facilities for food preparation by tourists, ensuring the purchase of fishing gear in ponds, providing a resting space, playgrounds for children during fishing activities.