Consultative meeting Veliko Tarnovo


The project “Fisheries – Opportunity / cross-border tourism product and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources” (FISHNAT)

Project code: ROBG 402

Value of EU funding: EUR 423 428.96

The overall objective of the project is to make recreational fishing and its related activities more accessible and attractive for tourists from Romania and Bulgaria. Within the activity number 2, the project partners, together with the external participants, carried out the identification and definition of the FISHNAT tourist packages. Another comprehensive database of information on geographical, tourist and specific fisheries was made by the other partners of the project, and the Association for cooperation and cross-border development of the Dobrogea Danube organized a consultation meeting with the stakeholders – regional and municipal administrations, companies. and civic associations. The meeting took place on May 28 and 29 at Veliko Tarnovo, with participants from the region, in the Regional Administration room.

The meetings benefited from the translation from and into Romanian by a translation agency – Nicoleta Intellect company – Mrs. Evgeniya Karageorgieva and the transport of participants from the company Mili Trans – 05, in accordance with the contracts with the Association for Cooperation and Cross-Border Development of the Dobrogean Danube.

At the beginning of the meeting, a representative of the Association informed the participants about the general objective of the project, as well as what has been achieved so far. A representative of the main partner, Natura Vie Foundation, presented the joint study to the other partners, which includes the Bulgarian and Romanian parts of the cross-border area.

The survey collected extensive information on dams and rivers in the Veliko Tarnovo districts of Bulgaria and Teleorman in Romania, accommodation and feeding sites, cultural and historical sites, rules and methods of fishing in dams. Hiking routes were presented, and the discussions focused on some of them, pre-selected according to criteria such as length, comfort, tourist objectives and others. During the meeting in Veliko Tarnovo, the main topics discussed were: Lac Lazăr (Romania), lakes around Alexandria (Romania), Dam Al. Stamboliyski (Bulgaria), Yovkovtsi Dam (Bulgaria).

During the discussions, it was clarified once again which is the most convenient time of the route for which it is suitable, considering the longer distances for the car journey. It was suggested to give more clarity on the documents required for fishing, to specify where and how many limits are placed on the kilograms of fish caught, if other night fishing is allowed and other interesting and important issues. There were proposals to include additional fishing spots and attractions, such as the historic part of Veliko Tarnovo. The authors of the study said that the brochures will provide information on different culinary specialties at different establishments / hotels and locations, as well as which species of fish were characteristic of different fishing areas.

In conclusion, the meeting was held according to the established plan, there was an open discussion, and the participants agreed that opinions and comments will be added to the study.