1. “NATURE LIFE” Foundation
Partnership leader, is the Romanian legal person of private law with a non-patrimonial purpose, established according to the Government Ordinance no. 26/2000.

The purpose and objectives of the Organization are:

– promoting and implementing at regional level the community acquis, environmental protection programs, population health and lifelong learning of adults;

– supporting education, vocational training, development and implementation of active employment measures. Social inclusion, equal opportunities in the labor market, support of vulnerable groups in the labor market in rural and urban, national and transnational areas;

– supporting the promotion and formation of the entrepreneurial culture, adaptation and reorientation for its companies and employees;

– supporting the development of regional, national and transnational social and cultural economic partnerships.

The “NATURE LIFE” Calarasi Foundation has carried out a sustained activity, implementing projects for environmental protection, population health, education support, vocational training, development and implementation of active employment measures.

In this regard, the representatives of the organization participated in the realization and implementation of the Local Action Plan for Environmental Protection of Calarasi County 2005-2007. The impact on the activity of industry and services within the municipality of Calarasi was evaluated.

The project “A cleaner Romania” (Program “CONNEX for the future”) was started and realized with the objective: “educating and informing young people and children in the county about the legal regulations regarding environmental protection”.

The foundation’s experts provided consultancy and services regarding the environmental impact of the construction works in the area of ​​Calarasi municipality (2004-2007).

In 2008-2009, within the Phare CBC Romania – Bulgaria 2004-2006 Program, the Living Nature Foundation together with the Bulgarian partner Agribusiness Center – Business incubator Silistra implemented the project “Sustainable development – a combined effort of economic actors, civil society and public authorities from the cross-border region ”; the objective of the project was to increase cooperation to combat cross-border pollution risks.

The target group was made up of economic agents from the urban and rural areas of the Calarasi-Silistra cross-border area, which carry out activities in the fields of food production, construction and agriculture.

The main activities carried out within the project were:

Achieving a Romanian-Bulgarian partnership and a joint action plan in the field of environmental protection at the level of the economic agents;
organizing 3 information and education seminars addressed to economic agents with different topics (“The main environmental protection solutions used by the economic agents in the European Union: environmental audit, EMAS, development of the eco-industrial sector”, “Programs to stimulate the environment” environmental protection in Romania and Bulgaria “,” Implementation of the quality management system for the certification of ISO 9001, the environmental management system for the certification of ISO 14001 and the integrated management quality-environment, quality-environment-labor safety, quality-HACCP and sources of financing for their implementation ”)
organizing 3 round tables addressed to the economic agents in the fields of food, construction and agriculture.
The Foundation has been involved in the field of human resources development, by accessing European funds obtaining funding for the project: “Facilitating access to the labor market of people in search of a job through qualification-retraining, condition of human development” (2011-2013). The result of this project was the counseling and professional orientation of a number of 600 people.

The general objective consisted in the development of human resources by increasing the competitiveness and the professional standard, in order to adapt the target group to the requirements of the market, to increase the employment rate of the unemployed persons by offering the services of active employment measures, through personalized assistance. The project has contributed to the achievement of the general objective of SOPHRD by providing opportunities for unemployed, long-term unemployed young people and adults and people looking for a job through an integrated vocational training program according to the labor market requirements. The specific objective is to keep as many people active on the labor market as possible.

Starting with 2014, it was carried out in partnership with the Ivan Vazov School in Silistra, Bulgaria in the framework of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013: “Step by Step towards environmentally friendly behavior and better protection in the area Calarasi-Silistra cross border ”.