Lake Lazar, Alexandria, Turnu Măgurele, Nikopol, Alexander Stamboliiski dam, Veliko Târnovo and Yovkovtsi dam

This package holiday addresses all fishing enthusiasts, but is more suitable for tourist groups – families, seniors or young people, organized either informally or within team-building activities for companies or other organizations.


This route is recommended for a 7-day tour. We recommend crossing the border by ferry at Turnu Magurele-Nikopol border crossing point. It is a route adequate for both fishing enthusiasts and also tourists who wish for a complete experience (combining tourist attractions with passion for fishing). Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a complete experience if they stop at Turnu Magurele or Nikopol to fish in the Danube also. For fishing enthusiasts, this route can be shortened by eliminating localities such as Zimnicea and Veliko Tarnovo, thus spending more time on Lake Suhaia or Alexander Stramboliiski dam. This route can be ideal for families with children because there are many facilities available in the localities included. The route can be extended by adding a visit to Yovkovtsi dam

The proposed package holiday starts near the city of Alexandria, Lake Lazar. Tourists can fish in the Lazar pond, situated 7 km away from Alexandria, in Poroschia locality, Teleorman county, for a 50 Ron fee per person/12 h, or 100 Ron person/24h. Here one can fish crucian carp, grass carp, carp, pickerel, zander and cat fish. Tourists can spend the night in Alexandria, were there are 3 hotels, one guest house and one inn. 

Tourists who want to make another stop to fish on their way to Turnu Magurele can stop in Izvoarele. There are 2 lakes here, separated by a dam: the Izvoarele Dam 1 and Izvoarele Dam 2. These lakes are about 1.5 km from Izvoarele. Here you can fish crucian carp, carp, phytophagus, big-headed carp, bleak, perch and roach for a fee of 12 Ron.

The access road is an agricultural one (soil road, crossing the agricultural parcels) and becomes impractical at every rainfall.

The next destination proposed within the package is the town of Turnu Magurele. The city is a point of interest for tourists due to the tourist attractions they can visit here. 14 tourist attractions have been identified, among which we mention the ruins of Roman Turris Fortress, the Water Tower, St. Haralambie Church, Central Park, etc. If tourists want to spend the night in the city, they can choose between two accommodation units (a hotel and a hostel) and five dining units. The 3-stars hotel has a capacity of 159 sits, and the guesthouse has a capacity of 4 sits and a shared bathroom.

Turnu Magurele will also be the location from where tourists will cross to Bulgaria, in Nikopol, where tourists will complete the objectives within the proposed package holiday. Tourists will have to cross the Danube by ferry. The fee for passengers is 1.5 Eur, for children under the age of 6 is free, and for cars is 11 Eur.

Tourists who do not want to spend the night in Turnu Magurele, can go to Nikopol, where there is a guesthouse and a hotel or a guesthouse located 8 km away from Nikopol, so, with over 50 available accommodation sits. Tourists can choose to stay in Nikopol to visit the city’s tourist attractions or go fishing at Alexander Stamboliiski dam. Those who decide to visit the city of Nikopol can opt for any of the following objectives: Victory Monument in Nikopol, “Assumption of the Virgin Mary” Church, Eliya Fountain, Smolyanovi House, “St. Stephen” Church or “St. Peter and Paul” Church.

Of the 7 days necessary to complete this route, we recommend that Romanian tourists spend 4 days in Bulgaria, and that Bulgarian tourists spend 4 days in Romania.

This package holiday proposes to also visit the Alexander Stamboliiski dam as well. The dam offers options for a short or longer rest, by practicing fishing – carp, perch, catfish, zander, canoeing and sailing boats, surfing and water skiing. Those who are passionate for fishing and want to stay near the lake, they can spend the night in Gorsko Kalugerovo (near the lake) where there are 3 hotels and a guesthouse, with 2- or 3-stars conditions and approximatively 100 accommodation sits for tourists (in total).

Those who are also interested in the tourist attractions and cultural heritage of the area, can also spend the night in Veliko Tarnovo, one of the most visited cities in Bulgaria.

The town of Veliko Tarnovo, along with its surroundings, is a favorite tourist destination due to its historical vibe. Tourists have the opportunity to visit various monuments, including museums, churches, fortresses or symbolic monuments, representative of the city and the district. Tourists can choose from an accommodation offer composed of 115 units (hotels, guesthouses, houses) with a capacity of over 4,000 people and 80 dining units. 37 tourist attractions were identified from which tourists can choose, according to their own interests. They can choose to visit places of interest for nature lovers, such as Marno pole Park or Trapezitsa Hill, historical monuments (Trapezitsa Fortress), museums, art galleries (Petko Slaveikov Museum-house, House with the monkey, Mateja Gallery, Archaeological Museum, etc.), churches and monasteries (St. Spas Church, Arbanassi Nikola Monastery) and many other tourist attractions.

The town of Veliko Tarnovo is the most well-known locality among those included in the package holidays. This is also evidenced by the approx. 70,000 photos on Instagram with #velikotarnovo that present the city in a unique way that cannot be found in the classic tourist brochures.

Near the town of Veliko Tarnovo there is the Yantra River, where tourists can fish for carp, crucian carp, grass carp, bighead carp, zander and other fish species. For fishing in streams on Bulgarian territory, tourists will have to take into account the provisions of the state authorities regarding fishing activities.

The proposed package ends with the Yovkovtsi dam. It is built 5 km away from the city of Elena, on Veselina “Yovkovtsi” river. Yovkovtsi dam is one of the largest and most picturesque lakes in Bulgaria. There are more than 10 species of fish in this lake. The lake is suitable for recreational fishing, and the fishing fee is 12-15 leva / 12h.

 Carp, coregonus maraenoides, pickerel, rudd, silver carp, grass carp, perch, catfish and more other fish species swim its waters. Fishermen must read the signs indicating the permitted areas and must have a ticket, otherwise the fine is 500 leva. Fishing is only allowed in certain areas. Most roads to the dam are rural and forest roads. In the town of Elena there are 15 accommodation units, offering over 500 accommodation sits (in total) and with various services: either in hotels, guesthouses, cottages or bungalow-stay. Most hotels are family hotels. Tourists have 7 dining units to choose from in Elena city.


It is necessary that this package is promoted during periods when prohibition is not declared, so that fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the specific activities without legal constraints. Thus, the package holiday will not be promoted between April 26th and June 9th inclusive.